8 Common mistakes to avoid in Rise of Kingdom

Hey guys, another guide for you today. I will be talking about the 8 very common yet, crucial mistakes that I see a lot of people making in Rise of Kingdoms. These are not tips but more like a list of things that you should avoid doing in Rise of Kingdoms.

1) Using up your tokens for resources, before you even need them 

You might think its a good idea to use your resource tokens and stack your resources. Sure, it looks really good and you will feel good about your game but all it takes is one enemy to scout you and see that you have all your resources stacked up and boom, they will take it away from you. So make sure you only use your resources token when you need emergency resources and make sure to use them asap. To make sure your resources are not available for theft from your storehouse , what you can do is go to courier station when the mysterious merchant is there and trade your resources for resource tokens when there is an opportunity. Sure, it won’t feel like a good deal but it’s better than having all your resources being stolen away by a raider. Only do this when you are stacked up on resources

2) Leveling up too many commanders 

This is a mistake I see very often, People usually level up too many commanders. I consider myself to be in the mid-game with about 2 million in power, even right now I can only fill up 2 army slots. So it’s not a good idea to level up too many commanders a little bit, instead focus on 2 commanders and make them your primary commander with a lot of level. Also, don’t level up your secondary commanders too much, I don’t see any benefit beyond their skills and the final skill is unlocked at level 30. I don’t see any reason to level up secondary commanders more than level 30. The more you level up your primary commander, the larger army you can play as their troop capacity also increases.

Don’t focus on leveling up a lot of commanders, instead focus on just leveling up 2 commanders. It will give you a significant advantage in your battles.

3) Keeping queues idle 

When you are not keeping your queues going at all times, for example, if you have 2 builders you should never have any one of them on idle. Always keep on building something and not waste any time by having your builders on idle. Same with your military buildings, always keep on training troops and don’t have any military building on idle, the troops are not that expensive and wont have a significant impact on your resources.

Always make sure that your builders are building something and are not idle. 

4) Join an alliance as soon as you can 

Many of my friends made this mistake of trying to find “the perfect alliance” for them and due to that they never joined any alliance in the early game in hopes of finding one good alliance. Do not make this mistake, just join an alliance as soon as you can as joining an alliance can help you get an early advantage.

The advantages of an alliance are 

  • Ask for help from your alliance to reduce your training/building time.
  • Rally at Barbarian forts with your alliance to have an advantage.
  • Ask for resources if you desperately need them.
  • Invest in Alliance technology which helps the alliance and its members.
  • Get chests when any alliance members buys something from the market.
  • Alliance rewards for territory
  • Alliance feasts which lets you safely farm


5) Not exploring the option of playing on your PC or Laptop 

Did you know that you can play this game on your PC or Laptop too? Well, in case you did not, I have a guide that teaches you how to play this game on your PC and Laptop follow the guide here. Downloading an emulator will help ease your game play and not drain your battery, there are no downsides of using an emulator so why not explore the option and see how it changes your experience? I personally recommend downloading BlueStacks as for me its the most reliable and trustworthy emulator that there is on the market. Click on the image below to download BlueStacks today!

6) Don’t stick to an alliance that does not have the same vision as you 

Sure, you really like your alliance and you have good people in there and the friends you’ve made but in order to grow and succeed, you need to find an alliance that matches your goals. If you join an alliance which will help you with your goals, you will never grow in this game and will only end up  helping others with their goals.

7) Doing the right activity at the wrong time 

For example, it makes sense to upgrade buildings in your city but leveling up your city hall is the most viable strategy in the game. so instead of upgrading every building in the city just upgrade the buildings that are required in upgrading your city hall.

Always rush your city hall and don’t focus on upgrading other buildings in your kingdom in early stages.

8) Spending resources like crazy on the events that you wont get good rewards from 

For example, there is an event which requires you to spend resources like crazy in order to place in the top 100, it almost requires you to play the game constantly and spend too much time on it. Unless the rewards are super good and you are guaranteed to get them, I would not be spending so many resources on such events. So save up on those resources instead of just wasting them and not finishing in the top 100 because the drop off in the rewards after that is usually very significant. I created guide which focused on how to play the game without spending any money on it, you can check out that guide by clicking here.

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