Tips to run a free to play account on Rise of Kingdoms.

Ever wondered if you could run a successful account on Rise of Kingdoms without spending a single dollar? Well, It is possible and I am here to help you out on how to run a free to play account in Rise of Kingdoms. I have compiled several tips which will help you avoid mistakes that others usually commit and tips that you can take to make the most out of the free to play aspect of this game.

Without wasting more time of yours, here are the tips that I have for you to play Rise of Kingdoms without spending any dollars.

1) Complete your daily quests

Make sure you always complete your daily quests, you will earn a lot of food, wood, speed ups by completing these daily quests. As you complete your daily quests, you will gather activity points. You are rewarded in bulk once you reach 20 activity points, 40 activity points, 60 Activity points, 80 and 100 activities points. The rewards increase as you gain more and more points. You will also get 100 gems once you get 100 activity points. So make sure you complete daily objectives!

Rewards for reaching 100 activity points. Its worth the grind.

2) Complete quests in the ongoing events

Make sure you look at the quests in the current ongoing events and complete them. I have always made sure that I can complete all the quests in any events. Completing these event quests will help you build a lot of free resources and give you an advantage as a free to play player.

How to check your events page and complete the quests.

3) Farm barbarians and resources all the time

Make sure you keep on farming barbarians and resources. This is an essential step to keep a good flow of resources coming in. You get insane rewards from farming Barbarians and you should never have your troops on idle, always make sure they are farming Barbarians. If you don’t have action points remaining, farm resources. This makes sure you never waste any time in this game and you always have a free flowing resource coming in.

4) Buy items with resources from the VIP Shop 

Go to the VIP shop and buy all the items which costs resources and NOT gems. For example, you can buy 5 minutes speed up using 7000 corn and basic action point recovery for 12000. The developers of this game have really pushed the free to play narrative in recent updates which is amazing for free to play players like us, who want to play Rise of Kingdoms for free. Downside of this tip is that you will lose out on a lot of resources but you can always grind them back using tip number 3.

5) Level up Gathering Commander 

One of the biggest set backs that the F2P players face is that the resources are usually low. In order to solve this issue, you can level up your gathering commanders as fast as possible after you level up your primary commanders. The limit for gathering commanders is set at 27, this is enough to give you the talents that gives you additional resource percentage. You should also exchange resources for resources buff constantly at the merchant shop and use the runes that are at the holy sites to your advantage and get the runes which speed up gathering.


Additional Tip – In order to enhance your Rise of Kingdoms experience, you can play the game on your Laptop or PC. You can achieve this by downloading Bluestacks. I have explained the process of how to play Rise of Kingdom on your PC over here


6) Rush City Hall and Academy 

Rush your City Hall and Academy as fast as you can. Don’t waste time on other buildings, just build the buildings that are required to upgrade your City Hall and Academy. In the academy, work on your military technology.

7) Don’t be a Toxic 

There is an option to chat with everyone in the kingdom, it is called Kingdom Chat or KC. In these chat rooms, always be nice to everyone. Being a douche and trash talking will only get you on the blacklist on people and they will target you in every attack, even if you change your name they will track down your ID and attack you. So try not to be toxic and be nice to everyone! 

Don’t be toxic. Be nice to everyone and they will help you get better.

8) Be Active

In order to succeed in this free to play model, you have to be active in this game. Complete your daily quests, make sure you have all the event quests done too. Talk to your alliance and build relation with them, this will help you when you need help from your alliance.

9) Find an active Alliance

Find an active and good alliance who will help you grow. Joining an alliance with new players will never help you out, you have to be in an alliance with good players in order to grow. Show your alliance that you want to grow in this game and they will help you out. Make sure your Alliance leader has experience and is open to help you out.

An Alliance will help you grow quickly and also help you in various tasks in game.

10) Don’t be creepy 

Again, in the Kingdom chat don’t be creepy and send weird messages to others. I have seen numerous people targeting girl gamer and sending them creepy messages. Don’t be that guy. This will only get you on the blacklist of people and you can even get banned for harassment.

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